DIY Candle Making Kit

DIY Candle Making Kit

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Our DIY Candle Making Kit for 2 has everything you need to make your very own 8oz scented candles. All ingredients are pre-weighed and we've simplified the process to make it fun and easy. You can choose the same fragrance for both candles or two different fragrances from our signature collection.


This candle making kit includes:

(2) 8oz candle jars with lids
(2) Microwave safe containers with soy blend wax
(2) Dropper bottles of fragrance oil of your choice
(2) Wicks + (4) Wick Stickers
(2) Branded Labels + (2) Warning Labels
(2) Clothespins
(2) Sheets of aluminum foil
(2)Wooden sticks for stirring
(1) Thermometer
(1) Guide


Other items you’ll need that are not included:
Baking sheet or pan
Oven mitts or a towel
Scissors, wick trimmer, or nail clipper
Rubbing alcohol (optional)

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